Applying to IBM

Hello dear friend,

I’m glad you thought about working for International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation. If accepted, you’ll join over 300,000 IBM’ers across the world that deal with all sorts of projects and initiatives.

If you are a student: Based on what I’ve seen over the last 6 years at IBM, the best way to get hired to IBM is to go through your university’s career fair or career portal. The recruiters there are specifically looking for college students that are about to graduate, or have just graduated, and you’ll be able to leave a better impression on them.

If you are a working professional: See if you can find an IBM executive to refer you. It’s how I got my interview.

Now, if either of these steps do not work for you, and you are looking for me to refer you, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Make an account and search for the type of job you are looking for.
  3. Once you find the role you’re looking for, email me the job number. This will usually look like 61272BR. List your full name in the email.
  4. I will send you a customized link that will now attach my profile to your request.
  5. Go through the steps mentioned in the email to apply.

Now, here’s the hard reality: very few of the folks who followed this process were considered for the job. Perhaps it’s due to the recruiters having found better resumes, perhaps they’re looking into the career fair resumes first – I don’t know. If you understand that and you’re still willing to give it a shot, I wish you all the best and am here to help.