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The following are designs I’ve done over the years, which includes a short writeup of the inspiration and thoughts behind the design process.

Many of these deliverables were put together years ago, or involve other languages and cultures, but the designs are still applicable and demonstrate deliberate thought and creative skills.

Kamal El-Makki Tour

Most flyers nowadays tend to be dark and movie-like. Why not make your flyer the total opposite?

That was the inspiration behind this design. Even though the content is traditionally based, the design is an all-out modern feel with colorful neon hues, sans-serif fonts, and QR code integration for smartphone users.

Al-Nur Meetup

This flyer was designed for a magazine meet-up and was given a vintage magazine cover look, with the issue dates really showing the event dates, the issue price showing free, and the issue coverage showing the reader.

The newsletter images plastered onto the original image have also been given a vintage touch so that the whole design comes together nicely.

Third Night of Unity

This design was for an event of several non-profits and charities coming together for a dinner program highlighting unity. The design was created to reflect that unity, with the encompassing patterns merging around one focus point.

The sponsor design was made to mimic the rest of the flyer, but was bordered in white to keep it unique at the same time. Though a lot of information was requested for this flyer, the design was organized in a way that the top area particularly would not look cluttered.

Al-Huda School Graduation

For this design, I was tasked with creating an elegant and colorful design while using the high school’s colors and brand identity. The design reflects some of the trends of that time, which included the profile enclosed in circles to mimic the Google+ user interface that was just taking off and a predecessor to some of the material design iconography we see now.

A prominent design used here was the ampersand (&) that makes its mark both between the images, on the sides of the image and flyer, and as a faded background behind the dates. The flyer title typography reflects the past through the scroll-like lettering, followed by a more modern typeface that reflects the youth of the future.

Open Mic Night

Red and gold were the two dominant colors of this flyer, symbolizing royalty and theater.

Ramadan Roadtrip

This was a flyer designed for AlMaghrib Institute in regards to a promotional tour that they were conducting in New Jersey.

The cause for purple everywhere is because that is the primary color of the institute, and since this flyer was going to be given to students and others alike, it would cause brand recognition amongst those who saw the flyer.

MCC Salah & Wudu Workshop

Using a picture from M. Rehan, this flyer evoked Salah (prayer), one of the five pillars of Islam, as well as Wudu (ablution), as it was so near the water.

The blue theme was kept throughout the flyer, with the typography decreasing in its formality as the eyes descend down the design.

A lot of text was required for this flyer, and much effort was made to keep the purity and austerity of the image.

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