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Logo Designs


The inspiration behind this design was a saying of the Prophet Muhammad: “A believer is like a brick for another believer, the one supporting the other” (Bukhari).

Using the colors of the University of Maryland – red, yellow, white and black – I designed a logo that would represent various hues working together to make the MSA. The typography was chosen to mimic the university’s own typography but is slightly bolder to give it a youthful but professional feel.

Zakah Foundation

The intent behind this design was to create an energetic brand identity that reflected both the social activism and professionalism of the Zakah Foundation, an organization that provides financial relief to underpriveleged families in the DMV area.

The flourishes connecting the top tier of text with the second tier represents being in touch. It can be seen as two phones, two hands, two wavelengths.

The palette of light blue was selected to conform to the website design as well as to give a soothing and assuring feel to each visitor.

Muslim Youth Musings

This logo was designed for an organization focused on producing literature in the form of stories, memoirs, essays, and poems. As such, the design was crafted to mimic how someone might write a first draft, in a freeform, lowercase way. The quill emerges from the middle letter, in addition to strokes against the other letters, to further illustrate the focus on writing.

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