Foreign Embassy Dashboard

The Challenge: Prototype a way for the embassy staff to conduct mission-critical activities and help them understand sentiment analysis with key stakeholders

The Solution: Over the course of a week that evolved into several weeks of improvements, design thinking, and design sprints, I led the effort to design a full dashboard prototype using Sketch & Invision to display 12+ screens, including functionality for calendars, mail, news channels and sources, and project management activities. This was done with the help of a larger team that involved technical architects, project executives and my leading junior business analysts and UX/visual designers that helped in the process.

I made sure that our product personalized every aspect for the client by displaying matching branding and typography, multilingual capabilities, customized newsfeeds, and integration with IBM Watson cognitive social media analytics & SSO.

I presented the final product that covered user flows, answering questions about design and functionality, and providing a timeline for implementation. Subsequently, our team successfully won the bid.

Initial Concept

After initial design thinking and ideation sessions with the client, we iterated on several low-fidelity wireframes and came to agree on the following for the initial concept:

Thank you, dotted bullet journals.


Note: the prototype redacted client confidential information that included more modules and detailed user flows. The following is representative of the larger prototype.